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Vivian Gilbert Zabel
Case of the Missing Coach is
the sequel to
The Base
Stealers Clu
b. Both books tell
the story of the Jonesville
Chargers' challenge to reach
major championships against all

A sub-group of the team call
themselves the Base Stealers
Club because only bases should
be stolen. This bunch of players,
led by Ryan Scott, Colby Bryce,
and Shane Foster, help solve
mysteries in both books.
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Hidden Lies and Other Stories
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Jahangiri. Although both authors
have different writing styles, their
stories mesh to create an interesting
collection of short stories.

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Little children play in the street,
Laughing as they hide and seek,
But none of them are you.
With sparkling eyes, smiling faces,
None of them are you.
No, none of them are you.

Other children’s arms may hug me,
Their tender lips kiss me on the cheek,
But no more embraces come from you.
Others come to visit me at home,
Or I can go to stay with them,
But I never can see you two.

Dark curls bouncing on a small girl’s head,
Brown eyes in a young boy’s gaze
Bring memories of the you I knew.
Though knowing you are growing up,
Would no longer look the same,
My eyes search for you every day.

You’re gone.
I don’t know where you are.
You’re gone,
And I don’t know how far.
You’re gone.
My heart beats ‘round a hole.
You’re gone,
And I’m afraid you’re all alone.

Please, God, help me -
They’re gone.

Written for two of my grandchildren, taken by their
father in November, 1996, never seen or heard from
by us since.
Update: We saw Faris and Meena for the first time in
11 1/2 years on July 18, 2008
© Copyright 2002  by Vivian Gilbert Zabel
Case of the Missing Coach
By V. Gilbert Zabel
Published by: 4RV Publishing LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0-9797513-1-8
ISBN-10: 0-9797513-1-4

Kurtis wants nothing more than to be near the baseball
team, helping in any way he can. However, his brother
Ryan finds Kurtis a bit on the annoying side, always in his
way. But this story isn't only about brothers. The author,
right from the start, has spun a yarn surrounding the
mystery as to who vandalized the Chargers team's baseball
The boys on the team had formed their own little club
called the Base Stealers Club, initiated when they teamed
up and solved a previous mystery. Now the boys are at it
again, this time to discover the identity of the vandals.
Yet, the boys have another dilemma: what to do to raise
funds to allow all their teammates to participate in the
National Tournament, hosted outside their vicinity.
Vivian Zabel gives us a delightful tale of sportsmanship,
excitement centering the team’s efforts
to win the tournament games amidst dangerous and
mysterious going-ons, building confidence, and
friendship; everything a young adult or even a family
Review: Case of the Missing Coach
by Lea Schizas
(review con't)

would enjoy reading about.
What I loved the most about this book is the way the
mystery played out in snippets, pulling me to continue
reading and finding out what would happen next. The boys
pulling through as a team and their interaction with the
youngest brother brought a realistic side to it.
Excitement is built slowly as to ‘who is this mystery person
determined to get the team off the Nationals and back
home’. From mysterious threatening notes, phone calls, fire
alarms going off in their hotel, to tampered food, Vivian
Zabel punches in a hoot full of excitement for the reader.
It’s easy to read and comprehend, the black and white
pictures add realism to each chapter, and the question
“What’s going to happen” eats away at you until the very

A Great Read all around.

Lea Schizas – Muse Book Reviewer
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